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Milking the USA
Milking the USA is a three part series following the the story of two men and their families who risk everything they own, everyone they hold dear, and every cent they have borrowed, for a dream. Two men who gamble their futures and fortunes, on milk. Episode one of Milking the USA see’s both families move over 5000 miles to relocate to the remote state of South Dakota where some of America’s biggest dairy processing plants are based. Michael makes the move with his wife Patricia and their three daughters, while Edward relocates with his partner Clodagh McElgunn and their two sons.

Five Star
‘5-Star’ is a six part series that takes audiences behind the ‘would be’ 5-Star Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny. Xavier McAuliffe and his investors have pumped €50 million into the renovation of Lyrath House and the building of the new hotel. With construction two months behind, and half the hotel stock still en route from China, there are fifty anxious weddings couples, who having bought their dream wedding reception from builders plans. Will their promises end in tears and recriminations?

All in the Game
All in the Game is a fascinating, revealing six part series that explores the history and culture, players and organisers, punters and fans, tournaments and all-Ireland showdowns, past champions and young pretenders of six traditional Irish sports Handball, Bowling, Currachs, Poc Fada, Horse And Pony Racing and Rugby Sevens.

Deimheas is the story of shear hard work – it gives a glimpse into the back breaking world of sheep shearing through the eyes of three men from a valley in the West of Ireland. And through their shearing it gives audiences a window into their lives.

GMarsh TV produced a number of highly acclaimed half hour docs for RTE’s Townlands series. These include Weatherproof, looking at the quirly relationship between Irish people and weather, Most Haunted – an intimate look at Leap Castle, Ireland’s oldest hanted castle and Sunny Days No Homework, a year in the life of a two teacher rural school.